Playtesting Facilities


Have you designed a game and want to improve it with feedback from the gaming public.

HobbySpotz is not only a gaming and industry Incubator space, we also offer services for playtesting games. We understand that they are not only serious endeavours but also need to be fun, insightful, and productive for the game developer. It’s always disappointing, frustrating, and uncomfortable, or even worse when playtesting is simply a waste of time. With the best games still yet toPlaytesting Service be made, we need to ensure that prototypes are getting solid testing and productive feedback.


Play work-in-progress games, give your feedback and help develop the practice of game design in Nottinghamshire. Bring a game, play games by our links to the game designers, use the faculties, and local East Midlands game designers, help to develop, discuss how to push mechanics, refine designs, and bring everyone’s game to the next level.


Designers, players, and game enthusiasts of any level of expertise are welcome. The best playtests include players from all kinds of backgrounds, interests, and knowledge of games, so if you’re interested in coming to test, you already have fulfilled the necessary requirements!


Bring any and all games, prototypes, or early-stage ideas to HobbySpotz facilities and book the room, we look to organise playtesters, and match you up.

  • An idea for a new use for a tarot deck you had in a drink or bizarre and random dream you had last night.
  • The local gang-related multiplayer game you’ve been working on for months/years/decades
  • A board game about the Bio-Terrorist panic you just started, after an accident in the Uni Labs
  • A mod or expansion for an existing game you’re working on for a job application
  • The new comic book inspired board game you’re developing and need it to be kept super quiet.
  • A revolutionary dice and card game that needs a little polishing
  • A CCG you have developed and need specialist playtesters to play a ton of games and push the very boundaries of the game.

Well maybe now is the time to join HobbySpotz and help develop your own skills and those of the testers by testing your game in a room full of some of the most cutthroat and demanding playtesters we can find. 

Whats in it for us, well you the gamer gets to play new games before they’re published, you get to give creative and thoughtful input, maybe even a playtesting credit. The designers well they gain valuable feedback to help them develop their games further.

We are looking to expand this facility so that Game Developers can have a unique set of options like be onsite and watch the games being played, can watch via a video link the game being played (often from a nearby pub 😉 ) or you can have the experience digitally recorded both audio and video and then saved to the cloud for you to download and view at your leisure.


Who are the Playtesting players?

Our players are regular gamers including local games clubs, people who all play games regularly, though we can also game with a mix of new and experienced gamers to give you a better chance at how your product is working. They’re candid and love games – but they’re not professional testers.

Our players represents the everyday tabletop players who will play and buy your games in the future so you can test how your game will actually fare in a real market environment and

Where are players from?

  • The majority of our players are from the  local area of Nottinghamshire (The lead belt) and are fluent in English.

What data do we collect about the players?

We keep user profiles for all of our players that are regularly updated by the testers themselves. For each participant in your tests we share the following data with you:

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Currently played games
  • Favorite games
  • How many hours they play per week
  • Types of Games prefered

Demographics and gaming preferences are provided directly by the players.