What We Offer

what we offer is a physical flags place where building on this reputation we have a modular and adaptable space where we can shape it to your needs allowing us and you to develop gaming and tabletop games development in Nottingham. It is a place for hobbyists, gaming content producers, game developers, and gamers, and it forms the back bone of what we are upto. 

Finding Us

Rentable Tabletop Gaming, Hobby Space 24/7


Hi and welcome to the organisation called HobbySpotz and the parent Umbrella organisation ProjectTHISNG where this stands for Tabletop Hub & Incubator Space….. And the NG for Nottingham its home.

As explained with the ProjectTHISNG site there are many sides to the project, the Tabletop Hub which is aimed at the local gaming community and helping them to be gamers and players, and we have ties to ‘The Nottingham Board and Wargames Club‘ and our brick and mortar place HobbySpotz which helps with our Incubator Space where we can offer the huge potential of Games Designers and affiliated tabletop games, artisans, a place to start/grow and expand their business in the city of Nottingham. (See ProjectTHISNG for more on this)

Perhaps one of the most relevant and important reasons to have a hobby is to relieve the pressure of everyday life.  The time you spent doing your hobby can be your time, helping you to forget about the strain of life.

Pursuing a hobby can also be a great way to make friends. When you have a hobby, it becomes very easy to get in touch with people who share your interests which can do wonders for your confidence and self esteem.

Unfortunately, many hobbies require one important thing … SPACE! Many of us simply don’t have the space to accommodate many hobbies we would love to get in to.

Basically facilities for budding games developers to playtest their projects in an environment that is both secure and facilitated with video recording and prototyping facilities.