Hi and welcome to the organisation called HobbySpotz!

What we offer is a physical “FLGS” place (Friendly Local Gaming Store) where we hold events, host games, and sell a small range of the best hobbyist equipment and materials and more importantly a gaming venue centre for players to visit and make use of.

Professional games designers, professional modellers and professional painters all inform what products we stock. This brings the best quality – and lowest priced – hobby materials and tools to anyone interested enough to browse our shop or online store!

It’s not just about money though. We make more effort to engage people from all walks of life than any other hobby store. The hobbies we love are typically engaged in by straight, white guys but we aim to make the hobby scene more diverse by hosting events friendly to BME, LGBTQ+ and neuro-divergent people.

We also have contacts in local education and we will support our local teachers with loaned resources and carefully crafted lesson plans.

We value accessibility and support those with both invisible and visible conditions. We are currently offering our aid to a local GP who is working with NCE to use games to help with mental health.

We also support the local creative community; designers, writers and artists. The main game types are RPGs, tabletop miniature games and board games but we also host miniature designers and manufacturers. With this wealth of expertise – and such friendly and generous veterans of this industry – anyone interested in a career in tabletop games and the associated arts has a real resource of experience and insider knowledge at their command!

Finding Us

Rentable Tabletop Gaming, Hobby Space 24/7


Whether you are looking to run a RPG game, have a prototype 3D-printed or shoot videos for YouTube in our micro studio, we aim to have all these facilities available by the last quarter of 2021!

Here’s a quick taste of what to expect:

  • Can book private use of the venue with HobbySpotz
  • Hobby Space
  • Modular space for your creative needs
  • Gaming Space
  • Playtesting Space
  • CCG Gaming Space
  • Business/Office Space
  • Airbrush Facilities
  • Terrain Building Space
  • Game Development Space
  • RPG gaming Space
  • A way to monetise your hobby if you wish through YouTube or by producing your own games/minis/accessories and retailing them through the venue, offering miniature painting services or running your own events.